Saturday, July 24, 2010

I was up bright and early this morning, just after 6 a.m. It was just a gorgeous morning. We had a slow start to the day and after breakfast at Dennis and Suzanne’s, we headed out in the car towards Osoyoos. Our first stop was at the Golden Beaver Winery...and my first winery visit and wine tasting...hey it was after noon somewhere. Kathy-Ann who works at the winery and also happens to live here at the RV park, eloquently explained the traits of each wine we tasted. I ended up purchasing a Pinot Blanc and Dennis a Merlot.

After pictures and chatting there for a bit, we continued onto Osoyoos. The area has really changed a lot since we were last there. A lot of the campgrounds have been replaced by condos. We stopped at the infamous Home Hardware...incredible! It has absolutely anything and everything that you could possible’s huge! We made our Visa card smoke again with some odds and ends we needed and returned to the car. Dennis took us on a tour around the town and then we headed back towards Oliver. After stopping at a couple of farm markets, we finally found some fresh corn for dinner. We still had to stop at SuperValu though, for peppers needed for the shish-kabobs for dinner that night.

Once back home, we donned our bathing suits, inflated the floating chairs and headed towards the beach. It was a hot day but windy, making it difficult to paddle out into the lake. But we persevered and enjoyed the water. I had had enough sun and wind by about 4pm and went back to the trailer to prepare our happy hour appetizer. We sat out enjoying happy hour but it was 34 degrees in the shade and when we decided to play a game that Dennis and Suzanne had brought, we went inside to the cooler air conditioned trailer.

This game was an absolute hoot! I was laughing so hard! It’s called Catch Phrase. It’s kind of like charades where your partner has to guess what the words are that you are describing. Too funny...I would highly recommend it.  It had us in stitches!

It was our turn to cook dinner so while Steve was barbequing the kabobs, I prepared the corn inside. Suzanne brought down some nugget potatoes and we all sat out on the picnic table enjoying our usual “fashionably” late dinner.

Afterwards we took our after dinner drink (espresso vodka) down to the beach and sat watching the moon come up...and feeding a friendly duck. Another fabulous day.....

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