Tuesday, July 6, 2010

After our usual slow start to the day, we heard from Chris at NorWest Mobile RV Service that we would have to pay for his work and then submit the invoice for reimbursement to our dealer. So we thought we should give Brad at Peden RV a call to let him know what was happening. He wanted to talk to Chris at NorWest so Steve gave him contact info and he`d be back in touch with us. As it turned out, Vern from Peden spoke with Chris, and Vern will be contacting Keystone and ordering the parts. The parts will be shipped to Chris to install. An email received from Vern indicated that he was trying to contact Keystone both by phone and email but had been unable to get through....later, he let us know that a backhoe had accidently severed both the telephone and internet lines at Keystone. He was will continue trying and will get back to us as soon as he knows anything further. And that was where we were for the rest of the day...waiting and checking our email constantly. We did go for a good power walk down the trestle and back but other than that, it was a relaxing day. We sent a few email updates to family and sat outside reading. The waiting game....hopefully we`ll have good news soon.

We were joined by our neighbour, Eric, for happy hour...an interesting fellow. A self-described vagabond, he is retired and I`d say he`s in his 70`s. His wife just left for a month in Costa Rica to learn to speak Spanish. They are runners (or use to be) and as usual, you learn so much from all the different people you meet travelling...and we have only just begun!

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