Monday, June 28, 2010

Today we needed to take the truck back into ITB to have the rivets replaced with stainless steel ones—why they didn‘t use stainless ones to start with, we‘ll never know...for some reason Steve didn‘t feel like polishing the rust off. We were to be at ITB by 8am so we had to get an early start. Since there wasn‘t enough turning room to pull through, Steve decided it would be best to just back out of our site. Okay...we have the handheld radios, this should not be a problem...and it wasn‘t...for the trailer... because I made sure it was fine but neglected to key an eye on back of the truck and yes...crunch...right into the front bumper of a motorhome that was parked in the site across the street behind us. Thank goodness it was an old motorhome and quite frankly with all the other dents and scratches in the front bumper, I doubt whether the owner would have even noticed the wee bit of damage we did, but being the good honest citizens we are, we left our name, phone number and license number. They were not in the motorhome and had not been for a few idea when they were returning but we were not going to be around...and I hope he realizes that the little damage we did fit right in with all the other dents so we never hear another thing about it....hmmmm....wouldn‘t that be nice? Only time will tell. After having to make a left turn out of the gate since there was a motorhome parked at the entrance, we took a long way back to King George Hwy but we found our way to ITB and unhitched the 5th wheel in their back lot. They were good enough to lend us a truck for the day so we headed into Vancouver to visit Pacific Control‘s head office so Steve could personally say goodbye to everyone. After that, we headed back out to Surrey stopping for lunch at Rusty‘s Pub (along Hwy 10 in Aldergrove, I believe). The truck was not ready yet so we pulled out our gravity chairs and relaxed while we waited. It was finally ready for us at about 5pm and after getting the 5th wheel hitched back up we headed for the truck border crossing. We arrived at the Camping World in Burlington around 7pm. They have a big area behind their store where they allow their customers to camp free so we got all set up there, got our chairs out and sat enjoying what little sun that had appeared go down. Steve BBQ‘d some hotdogs for dinner and we enjoyed them with a few cocktails.

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