Sunday, July 11, 2010

We were heading out this morning but actually decided to have a slow start to the day because we just had to go the 15 mile drive to Camping World and once there we would just be sitting around in their parking lot campground. After going for our last walk down to the trestle and back, we got to work and got things packed up. While doing that we had a visit from the people across the street...they were in an older Montana and apparently one of their jacks had just malfunctioned...oh..oh...a broken jack, not good, that means they are not going anywhere...been there, done that! Gee, we had a couple of issues getting ready...we must be out of practice since we haven’t moved for 2 weeks! But we eventually got on our way and arrived at Camping World just after 1pm. When we opened the front door we noticed some water on floor on the right hand side as you enter...oh great! What now! Well another issue to get looked at tomorrow.

There was another Montana sitting in the camping lot and when the owners returned, we had a great visit with Ron, while his wife Caroline had a nap. They have been full timers for 3 years with their home base in Washington (around Marysville, I believe he said). We have met so many wonderful people so far and it has only been 2 weeks! They just had their jacks repaired on their Montana!

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