Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We were up and waiting at the door to Camping World when they opened at 8am. Paul the fellow that Steve had been dealing with regarding the solar system and electrical upgrades that we were having done on the 5th Wheel was expecting us. Since we were also getting a mud flap that goes across the back of the truck (to protect the trailer), they asked if they could do that right away—it would only take about an hour...but....but I haven‘t had any coffee or breakfast yet!! Oh well...we walked up to a little expresso place for coffee and waited for them to finish with the truck which, of course seemed to take a lot longer than an hour. After that, and upon Paul‘s recommendation, we went to Bob‘s Burgers and Brew for breakfast. Excellent food and it happened to be in the same complex as the Fairfield Marriott Hotel, where we would be staying for the next night...or two. Then we headed to the Cascade Mall. I wanted to pick up some things at Target which was right across the street so Steve was going to wander around the mall while I did that. Hey, let‘s get the handheld radios to keep in touch so back to the truck...and as we got all set up with them, Steve closed the truck door at the same time realizing that he had left the keys on the seat, so there we were...that‘s the 2nd bad thing to happen...what is next? They come in 3‘s, don‘t they? Great! So, into Target we go to use a phone and call a taxi to take us back to Camping World where we hope that we are able to open up the bedroom slide enough to get in there and get my set of truck keys! Once back, we had no problem getting the keys and Paul was even good enough to drive us back to the mall and the truck. Okay...now I‘m going into Target and Steve...you go wander around the mall for awhile. But he was back looking for me in no time saying that there wasn‘t anything good at the mall...I didn‘t even bother trying to go shopping at the mall.

After that we headed to the hotel to see if we could check in a little early. It was around 2pm and we were tired and I knew that there was free WiFi at the hotel and I wanted to get on-line. We relaxed for a couple of hours then headed next door to Bob‘s Burgers and Brew for dinner. Okay, well for some beers and then dinner. Turns out they have happy hour from 3pm to 6pm where pitchers of beer are $2 off...okay fine, I‘ll share a pitcher with you...or 2. After enjoying the atmosphere in the lounge (and the frosty‘s) we had dinner and headed back to the hotel....I was ‘out like a light!‘

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