Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy July 4th to all! I actually slept in until about 7am this morning! It was exercise morning—which involved me getting my rubber cords and following the DVD...need that resistance training, you know. After me, it was Steve`s turn to do his weightlifting while had my shower...then breakfast and dishes. It was noon by the time we got out of the trailer and headed off in the truck to explore Whidbey Island. Our first stop was Rosario Beach which is just before the massive bridge over to Whidbey. Families were setting up in the picnic areas for their July 4th celebrations...too bad the weather wasn`t nicer—it was cloudy and windy but at least no rain. We walked around one of the trails that lead to a high bluff and lookout over the water...quite lovely (particularly if there had been blue sky).

Back into the truck and it was a short drive to Deception Pass Bridge—a very long high bridge that connects Whidbey Island to Fidalgo Island. A few pictures then onto Deception Pass State Park where we stopped and walked on the beach. Lots of families picnicking in the cloud and wind. We thought we would take a drive through the campsite—really nice but no way would we get our 5th wheel into any of the sites. To start, the roadway is narrow and very curvy and we are 60 feet long—not enough room to manoeuvre.

Our next stop was in the City of Oak Harbour—Steve was looking for a connection to install the GPS in the truck so our first stop was at an Autoparts store then onto Radio Shack. One thing we found interesting were the number of kiosks set up selling fireworks...well, it is the 4th of July, after all!

We continued west on Hwy 20 with our next stop at Fort Eby State Park where got out for a walk through some of the trails around the gun battery. Again, we drove through the campground—love but not big enough for us!

Upon leaving Fort Eby, we took an alternate route into Coupeville—along the waterfront...beautiful island! Coupeville is a cute little town with small touristy shops on the waterfront. Being July 4th quite a few were not open but we took a walk down the wharf to a building that housed a restaurant, a couple of small shops and a little coffee shop—where we stopped for coffee and ‘the best‘ apple pie Steve has ever had! After our wander around the Coupeville waterfront, we headed back to the truck and decided it was time to head back was 4pm, afterall.

By the time got home, the sun had made a slight appearance and we managed to have happy hour in a little sun but it was short lived and with the wind, we finally decided to go inside. After dinner, dishes and a little TV watching, we bundled up and headed down to the beach with our chairs to watch the fireworks. There were lots of fireworks going off at various places in the distance and finally at about 10pm our display started. It was quite spectacular lasting about a half hour.

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