Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I was up at 6:00 a.m. again this morning...time for my coffee and to update our journal. We had a lot of errands/shopping to take care of today...and as it turned out it was a very successful day. We managed to find 2 cargo boxes for our ATV’s, have the truck tires checked, find an electronics store for some adaptors needed for the 12-volt outlet in the truck, grocery shop and find a liquor store. Once home, Steve flushed the water tanks and I did a couple load of laundry. We were getting ready to head out tomorrow for Princeton and our first "no hook-ups" location.

We were meeting Chris "half-way" for dinner at the Earls Restaurant in Burnaby where we had had our farewell gathering on June 26th, so we left just before 6pm. It’s a good thing we decided to meet him rather than ask him to come all the way out to Fort Langley...the traffic heading east on Hwy 1 was incredible—it would have taken him hours to get here. As it was, we were going against the traffic and we basically sailed right through arriving at the restaurant just after Chris did. We had a great visit, gathered our bags of liquor out of the trunk of the car and after big hugs, we parted to head home.

We called Rob once we got home...it seemed like ages since we had talked. He was busy doing laundry and getting his suitcase packed because he is leaving for Winnipeg tomorrow afternoon. Angie has been there a week helping her sister get ready for her wedding this Saturday. Claire and Sandy are getting married—we wish them the very best! We could not make the wedding but will quite likely visit Winnipeg and see the Connelly clan in late August.

That was basically it for the day...tomorrow we finally start heading east!

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