Saturday, July 10, 2010

I woke up extra early this morning at 5:15 and after tossing and turning for 20 minutes I decided to get up...well, I probably have had enough sleep anyway since I fell asleep on the couch last night then got up and went to bed at 10. It was a cloudy start to the day but they started burning off by late morning and it turned out to be another gorgeous day—not as hot as the past couple of day but it was a pleasant 75 degrees.

We had decided to go take a look at LaConnar today so after a quick breakfast, we headed off at about 10:30 for the short 20-minute drive. It’s a cute little town on the edge of a river. They have maintained a lot of the heritage buildings which now house lots of little shops and restaurants. We wandered along the streets going into the odd store. This would be the type of place to be with some girlfriends that enjoyed sauntering through the little shops on a beautiful sunny day...Glenna and Bev, this would be the perfect “girls getaway” location; probably not so much in October, mind you. We decided on a river-front restaurant for lunch and sat outside on the deck enjoying the sunshine and a nice cold beer with our lunch....ahhh...this is what summer is all about!

On the way home, we decided to go into Anacortes to pick up some milk, beer and wine at Safeway—gotta love grocery shopping in the USA! This small side trip on the way home in itself proved to be interesting. One of Steve’s purchases this past week had been a "club" to lock your steering wheel (just in case a would-be thief decided to slip away with our vehicle). Once parked, Steve attached the club to the steering wheel and we headed on into Safeway. Upon leaving the store a short time later, we heard a car horn blaring away and my first thought was that someone’s car alarm was going off...but as we got further out, we realized it was coming from the direction of our truck....could it be? Nah....oh, it is and there’s a police car pulling up! Apparently it is easier to attach the club if the steering wheel is straight, which it wasn’t when we parked but Steve thought...hmmm...good enough...and away we went. Sometime after we entered Safeway the club slipped and affixed itself on the very sensitive truck horn...good thing we were only going in for a couple of items and not a full fledged shopping trip! Sorry Officer....

Okay, let’s get our purchases into the truck and get outta here...not so fast, now...after opening one of the box doors, it would not close....what the heck??! We just could not figure that one out! After some choice words and about 10 minutes of fiddling with it (and thinking we were going to have to disassemble the whole door right there in the Safeway parking lot) Steve discovered that there was something lose that was jamming the rod that comes down to keep the door in place. He managed to get the small piece out of the hole and the door closed fine. Something behind the panel in the door had broken off...great...another thing we are going to have to have checked out (meaning another stop at ITB in Surrey).

Once home, Steve pulled out the manuals on the battery charging system that Camping World had installed. He is not convinced that the system has been set up correctly as the warning alarm has gone off 9 times so far. The manuals are written for the installing technicians so he can’t figure out what the problem is. When we were at Camping World last Thursday he spoke to the technician about a setting regarding the type of batteries we have and he came away feeling unconvinced that the technician had really gone through the proper set-up sequence. Consequently, we decided that it would be wise to make a stop at Camping World (again!) on our way back into BC...meaning we will delay our stay down here until Monday. Hopefully, if we are at Camping World first thing Monday morning they will be able to accommodate us. So we are still going to leave Fadalgo Bay RV Resort tomorrow (Sunday) but are just going as far as Camping World where we will enjoy another night in their camping parking lot...with the train tracks and the interstate highway...

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