Friday, July 16, 2010

After the long ride yesterday, we decided to take an easy ride down the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) which is actually part of the Trans Canada Trail. For the first 20 kms or so it’s very scenic with fabulous views of the valley but after that it gets rather boring because you are on a tree lined trail with not much to see...and it turns into more of a roller-coast ride with constant dips. But going through a tunnel was very cool as was the trestle that traversed a very deep gorge. We went as far as Osprey Lake and then headed was a good 4 hour ride.

That evening was the big parade into town to the DQ for ice cream. At 5:45 we all headed to the staging area to line up. There were somewhere around 150 quads thundering down the hill into Princeton and along the main street to the strip-mall. We decided to forego the long line-up for ice cream and waited in the shade instead. However, I did manage to find an ATM for some much needed cash...since everything at the event is paid in Visa or debit accepted! After the rumble back to the Fairgrounds, it was time for registration and to purchase poker cards, t-shirts and 50/50 tickets...well, it is a fund raising event and we “gave” substantially! There were 3 rides to chose from—the Can-Am; the Honda; and the order from hard (experienced)—medium—to easy. Well, that is interesting...apparently the ride we did yesterday was the Can-Am! So on my second outing on my own ATV, I went on an “experienced rider’s only” wonder it was very challenging for me but everyone said I did great and I must say I gained a lot of confidence in a short period of time.

We chose the Honda ride for tomorrow and since all rides start early in the morning (and you want to go for the free eggs and pancakes before you leave) it was an early night...after a couple of drinks with the group next door. Everyone was looking forward to the rides tomorrow!

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