Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!! After filling the truck up with diesel at Fred Meyers in Burlington (seemed to have the best price at $3.05 per gallon), we headed to Camping World to do some shopping while they were finishing up the work on the 5th wheel. Lots of money spent that day! New Generator, GPS, ladder, and a bunch of other smaller ticket items that added up to a good chunk of change! So by the time we got all finished with that, loaded up and hitched back up it was after 2pm so we Bob‘s Burgers for lunch before heading to Fadalgo Bay RV Resort in Anecortes, Washington. It was just a short 15 mile drive and we arrived around 4pm. Again, sites at this RV park are narrow—particularly with slide-outs. I think most of these older RV resorts were built before trailers, 5th wheels and motorhomes had slide-outs. However, no problem with overgrown a matter of fact, there really aren‘t any trees. No ‘‘IT‘‘ factor at this RV park...oh well. We sat out in a little sunshine that tends to come out late afternoon and enjoyed a couple of drinks and met more RV‘ers. They were from Abbotsford and of course, were interested in the truck.

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