Monday, July 5, 2010

As usual, I was up bright and early this morning. I enjoying getting up and having my morning time with my coffee. Today was going to be a work day—Steve wanted to get the garage and truck storage re-arranged and I wanted to get the grocery shopping done and then clean the trailer. That afternoon after all the cleaning and re-arranging was done; we thought we would hitch up the 5th wheel in preparation for leaving the next morning. Steve grabbed the remote that powers the jacks so he could raise the trailer...okay, the motor is working, the shaft is turning...but the trailer is not going up...or down, for that matter....great...what`s going on now?! There happened to be a fellow from NorWest Mobile RV Service working on a motorhome next door so Steve went over to ask him if he could stop by and see us when he was finished. Well....he took a look and it would appear that both jacks have failed at the same time...very unusual. Looks like we are not going anywhere tomorrow! It was late in the day plus a Holiday Monday down here in the USA so he will have to look into the warranty issue with Keystone and get back to us in the morning.

By now it was after 5pm and with that news, we sat down to enjoy our happy hour.....we are definitely working on getting into "retirement mode" making the effort to not sweat the little stuff...just relax...nothing we can do about it. So we are going to enjoy the sunshine...looks like summer has finally arrived. Let`s see what news comes tomorrow.....

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