Wednesday, December 18, 2013 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

A beautiful start to a work day...we are leaving tomorrow and we must get ready! We are leaving the fifth-wheel here and taking the truck to Phoenix, staying in a hotel for the night and then flying to Victoria, BC for Christmas on Friday morning.

Before getting started on dumping our sewer tanks, Steve drove into Quartzsite to pick up a package that had finally arrived. It was the last piece of our new catalytic heater...the legs. The heater itself had arrived as promised, within two business days, and the hose shortly after...but we couldn't use the unit until the legs arrived...and finally, a week later, the parcel had arrived at Quiet Times and was ready for pick up.

Steve wasn't very happy when he opened up the shipping box to find the package inside containing the legs had been opened and the hardware (to attach them to the heater) was missing. We just couldn't believe it! So, I went online and completed the forms to have it returned and a replacement sent. Sheesh!

I packed our suitcase and generally got things that we are taking with us ready...while Steve took care of emptying the holding tanks.

The macerator pump chews everything up and pumps it through a garden hose into the tank. If it wasn't for the generosity of Earl and Allison lending us their portable sani station we would have to pack everything up every 12 days to dump. Thanks've saved us a lot of work!

Earl and Allison joined us for happy hour...Bob also popped by to invite us all down to a campfire later. There was a spectacular sunset this evening!

After dinner, we joined everyone around the campfire at Bob and Sue's...


  1. I love the way the sunset changes while the sun is setting. The shapes of the clouds and the colors are different from minute to minute. Fabulous photos!

    I was camped across from you guys - in fact I saw you coming in. I have a 24 foot Class C with no car, so when you drove by, wow!, the length of your rig caught my attention. Very nice, for sure. (In fact, I posted a photo on my blog that day.) I have moved to la Posa West to be near friends and the Big Tent in January, but still love the area where you are camped.

    Merry Christmas, and have a good flight. :)

  2. Happy holidays to you both and most of all SAFE travels. House went off the market till March....UUUUGGGG! locked in for another winter. Chris.

  3. Thanks everyone. Merry Christmas and safe travels to all!