Monday, December 16, 2013 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Steve got up early this morning and immediately had to go outside to check the propane tanks. The beeping of the fridge had woken me around 1:30...telling us we were out of propane. Steve was surprised because he had both tanks open...can we really be completely out of propane? Yes, we were...that's a first! But I guess the furnace has been running a lot with the recent cold weather. There was still the barbecue propane tank, so he connected it...having to raise it up using blocks of wood since it is shorter than the trailer tanks. Whew...I can have my morning coffee after all!

Mid morning, we both headed out on a walk...we walked passed Bob and Sue's place...

This spot is all decorated for the Christmas Season...

That's our rig in the background...

Once home, Steve decided to try equalizing the trailer batteries...we have always been in a spot with electrical hook-ups when he has done this in the past, so this is the first time doing it strictly on solar power. Turns out he should have let the generator charge the batteries a lot longer as the shorter daylight hours couldn't complete the process.

I spent my day relaxing in my chair outside reading....yup, just loafing around! At 3:00 Steve decided to take all of our propane tanks into Quartzsite for filling...I stayed my chair reading!

Once the sun went down behind the mountain, we headed inside...there was another beautiful sunset.

Shortly after 7:00, Earl and Allison (and Abbey) came over for an evening of playing marbles. A few hours later...and 5 games later, we called it an evening. Tonight, we all shared in the winning...Allison, Steve and I each won one game...and Earl won 2. Another good games night!

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