Wednesday, December 11, 2013 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

For some strange reason, I was awake extra early this was about 5:45 when I decided to get out of bed, turn the furnace up and put the coffee on. Once the coffee was ready, Steve joined me in our morning ritual...watching BCTV morning news with our coffee. As usual, I worked on yesterday's blog.

We watched as the sun came up...

At about 9:00, we went for a short walk before meeting Earl and Allison...we're going to a geocachers Quartzsite Meet and Greet at the QIA (Quartzsite Improvement Association), the local community center.

Earl is sharing some information on recent geocaches he has hidden...

We listened to some interesting stories about unique geocaches found in various spots throughout the States. One particular story was about a geocache in the Sedona, Arizona area where the fellow placing it had made it a unique "hunt" with his clues. Sounded like a lot of fun!

Sue won a door prize (I believe it was a geocache ready to be hidden). We were concerned because Bob and Sue weren't at the meeting...they arrived about 15 minutes later. Bob's quad had died on the way into Quartzsite and they had to tow it back. Looks like Bob has some work to do!

We were back home around noon and then Steve and I decided to go to Parker. I wanted to pick up a few groceries but the main reason was to go check the mail...a number of parcels were ready for pick-up.

We finished up in Parker and then stopped at Quiet Times in Quartzsite...that is where our heater is being delivered to. Unfortunately, the only pieces that had arrived was the heater and dust cover...the legs and hose hadn't arrived yet. Why couldn't they have all been shipped together?! Steve called a recommended Mobile RV Tech to see about having the heater plumbed into our propane system. Apparently he doesn't have a license to work on BLM lands so he suggested that we move to an RV Park so he could work on it. You would think that with the thousands of RV'ers staying on BLM lands that he would invest in a license. Further research and networking is now required!

Once home, we unloaded the truck...I put the groceries away and then we opened our parcels...Steve unpacked the heater and checked out his new liquid transfer pump. This will be really handy when gassing up the quads and generator. Bob demonstrated his when we stayed and rode from their place last summer...

I opened the box from Vitacost (vitamin supplements) as well as the parcel containing a replacement battery for our laptop. Unfortunately, the battery didn't fit so it will have to be returned...and we'll have to try again! We delivered Earl and Allison's mail...and watched Earl prepare some containers for geocaches that he plans on hiding. He is going to hide some night caches...that should be interesting!

After dinner, we settled in to watch an evening of our favourite TV programs...CSI, Survivor and Criminal Minds...another day has flown by!

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