Friday, December 6, 2013 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

It was another chilly morning...8.5C/47F when Steve got up...yes, he was up before me this morning, getting the furnace going...and, of course, the coffee on too! As the sun came up, it revealed clear blue skies again today...but cold...when Steve went outside to start the generator, it was 32F/0C! I think I will wait for awhile to go out for my walk this morning...let it warm up a bit!

So after breakfast and dishes, we bundled up and ventured outside into the sunshine for a walk. I really didn't think we would be wearing our long-johns and winter jackets in Quartzsite, Arizona! I almost wore my wool toque but decided it wasn't necessary, however I would have put on ear-muffs if I had them! We had a good brisk walk and I even had to shed a layer on our way makes a big difference when the wind is at your back.

I was just about to make us lunch when a truck pulled was Donna and Bill (our brother-in-law's sister and husband). We had another nice chat with them...they are leaving the area Monday and heading further south to Ajo.

After they left, we had a quick lunch and got ready for our 1:00 ATV ride. We are going geocaching with Earl and Allison. There are a series of caches about 6 miles south of us called Grizzly Trail...all 22 caches are hidden in small "Grizzly Snuff" metal containers.
Here we are at our first find...Grizzly Trail #1...

The last two geocaches (#21 and #22) were hidden just inside the KOFA National Wildlife Refuge...

We found all 22 geocaches and were back home just after 3:30...a great afternoon! About a half hour later, Allison and Earl came over and we enjoyed happy hour together. We sat inside because, although nice in the sun, there were clouds that frequently covered it, making it just too chilly.

Here is Abby checking out my stuffed dog, Rider, that sits on the back of our couch....she wasn't sure what to think of this dog that wouldn't play with her!

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