Friday, December 13, 2013 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

The mornings are still pretty chilly but at least the daytime temperatures are warming up. Steve was even back into shorts and flip flops today!

It was our exercise morning...after that fun stuff was done, Steve jumped in the shower and I headed out for a great power walk in the beautiful morning sunshine. I was back 45 minutes later, had breakfast, showered and was ready for the rest of the day. While I was doing that Steve was busy cleaning off the solar panels, generator and BBQ. It had apparently rained at our site yesterday while we were out geocaching and left a mess after mixing with the layer of dust. Then he cleaned the windows on the truck and dusted it off using his California Brush.

We made a quick trip into Quartzsite...I needed to ship the laptop battery back since it was the wrong one. I waited in line...there were 6 people in front of me...when I was finished, there was a line up outside the door. I can see why Earl and Allison decided to have a PO box in Parker! We stopped to pick up another package at Quiet Times...the hose for our heater had arrived, but still no legs for it yet. After a brief stop at the Roadrunner grocery store, we headed back home.

I spent the afternoon in the kitchen baking...I also made a tray of lasagna for dinner tonight. Steve has wanted lasagna for awhile now but to make it for just the two of us is tough...much nicer to make it for company! So we invited Earl and Allison over to join us for dinner tonight.

While I was inside, Steve was outside cleaning the campfire-in-a-can and puttering around getting things ready for our company.

Shortly after 4:30 we started the evening off with happy hour outside with the campfire-in-a-can...

An hour later we headed inside for dinner...followed by some games of marbles. We had to re-acquaint ourselves with the has been a long time since we had played! Earl won a game and I won a couple...sorry Allison and Steve.

We called it a night shortly before 10:00...another fun evening! We have enjoyed our recent evenings playing board games...something we haven't done for a long time! A great way to spend an evening!

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