December 2, 2013 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We had our usual start to the day...but with the time change, we slept in until 7:00. After getting our exercises out of the way, I went out for a 40 minute powerwalk while Steve had his shower. He was sitting outside in the sunshine with the iPad when I got back. I made breakfast, we did the dishes...and it was after 11:00 by the time Steve had his walk and I finally had my shower.

Our original plan for today was to drive to Parker, AZ and stock up on groceries. However, the weather forecast for today and tomorrow is sunny and warm but come Wednesday, the temps are dropping significantly. So we decided to stay home today and enjoy the warm temperatures...we're going ATV riding tomorrow...and then go to Parker Wednesday when it's much colder outside.

So...that's exactly what we did...we spent the afternoon outside reading...and that was basically our day!

We retreated inside as the sun went down...and watched a beautiful sunset...

After dinner, we got caught up with Steve's uncle and aunt (Gordon and Esther) from Edmonton via Skype and then settled in to watch our favourite TV programs.