Thursday, December 19, 2013 (Travel to La Quinta Inn, Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix, AZ)

I was up bright and early this morning so that I could enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee before we had to get cracking. We had our showers and breakfast and then I finished up packing the last bit of stuff into our suitcases while Steve went outside to finish up out there.

Once the sliders were in, we locked everything up and headed across the "street" to say goodbye to Earl and Allison. Sue was also there with Bandit and Coco out on her morning walk. We thanked them for watching our place while we are gone...and we were off. Merry Christmas, guys, see you in a week!

Our drive to Phoenix was uneventful...before reaching the hotel, we stopped at Costco to stock up on some non-perishables...I don't get a chance to Costco shop often. We had lunch and did our shopping and we were finished in about an hour (that's a record!).

Then we were on our way to the La Quinta Inn near Sky Harbor Airport...yup...we're definitely in the big city...

We're nearing the airport...

I'm pretty sure this is where we should have gone to collect our winnings of the Mega Millions Lottery...too bad we only won $1.00!

We found our way (thanks to Serena, our GPS) to the hotel...

Once there, we checked in and then spoke with the manager, who walked with us around the parking lot looking for a spot to park our truck. We found a spot, unloaded our suitcases and went to our room...where we chilled until it was time to go out for dinner. Unfortunately, the only restaurant within walking distance was Denny's right next door. So that's where we went and both had "breakfast" for dinner. We were surprised when we walked outside to find that there had been a big rain storm...and huge puddles that we had to navigate around in the parking lot to get to the restaurant...they really had a drainage problem!


  1. I found your blog from Facebook, looked quickly through but did not see much about the truck, I am trying to get the wife out the door own a 5thwheel and want to get going but she is not moving yet, but I would love to read about your truck it looks custom but would like to know more. Hope to hear from you in the future, and hope you are both enjoying the life I dream of.

    1. Thanks for your interest in our truck. It was my own design and I had it built by Intercontinental Truck Bodies in Surrey, BC. GM closed this truck division down permanently 1 month after I ordered a 2010 model. My order was cancelled so I had to settle for a new 2008 at the dealer. They had to lengthen the chassis a foot and add the rear air suspension. It has the Isuzu 260 HP Diesel engine, 6 speed Allison push button auto trans. I later added a tire pressure/temperature monitoring system, 4 way split camera system, stereo, front air suspension ( still rides rough) and a tire air filling station. The front roller on the boat loader is powered. Remote control powers the boat forward until it reaches it's balance point then drops the stern down and bow forward onto the ground. With the boat off the whole boat loader can be lowered forward on it's hinges so that the truck cab can be moved forward for servicing the truck. Hope this answers all your question.
      Merry Christmas and keep that dream alive!