Friday, February 28, 2014 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

A big wind storm with rain and possible thundershowers was in the forecast for today. We woke to the pitter-patter of's starting earlier than predicted. But it didn't last long and it actually looked like a pretty decent morning out there. We did our resistance exercises and then I headed out for a walk while Steve had his shower.

There was a slight breeze while I was out for my walk but by mid morning, the wind was continually increasing...coming from the south/southeast. I spent the morning puttering around inside while Steve decided to pack a few things away and wash his quad. They both need to be washed before we load them back into the truck.

By noon, the wind was howling...although warm outside, we had to close the door because the direction that the wind was coming from had it blowing dust directly into the trailer.  Our afternoon was basically spent inside...Steve watched some PVR'd programs and I read. At one point, we did go out to rig up something to put on top of the dining slide (facing south) to prevent the slide topper from flapping so much in the wind.
Steve duct taped two wooden tarp poles together to put on top of the slide room topper then tied a rope on either end  to secure it down under the slider.

Here comes Bob on his ATV through the dust...

The wind gusts had the trailer just a rockin' and a rollin! The weather service forecast had the winds gusting to 38 mph...and the dust/sand flying!

Later in the evening, we heard rain on the roof-top and the flicker of lightning in the distance. The rain didn't seem to amount to much and by the time we headed to bed, it seemed that the wind was dying down as well. The clouds, wind and possible rain/thundershowers are also forecast for tomorrow but not as intense. Tomorrow is our last day here in Q and I plan on doing laundry...hmmm...think I will be using the dryers at the laundromat rather than hanging it on the clothesline!

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