Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 21, 22 and 23, 2014 (Tri City RV Park, Myrtle Creek, Oregon)

Well, there is not much to report for these 3 days...we really didn't do much other than go for a daily walk and then just relax. Tri City RV Park is a nice spot to overnight but there really isn't anything to do here. We hummed and hemmed about staying for another 2 nights but decided what the heck...the price is right and it is kind of nice not doing anything other than reading and/or watching TV.

The mornings have been very cool with the overnight temps going down below freezing. But for the most part, the sky has been blue and the sun shining with daytime highs in the low to mid 60's...a far cry from the 90's we had been experiencing in southern California.

Sunday was more of a work day. I put on 3 loads of laundry and did a little cleaning inside (bathroom...yuck) while Steve back-flushed the blackwater tank and basically got us ready for four nights of dry camping.
Sitting outside reading after our work was done...

We are going to Junction City tomorrow...should be a leisurely hour and a half drive. Our first stop will be at Countryside Interiors to have the mechanism in both of our recliners replaced under warranty. Then we'll camp at Guaranty RV. Our appointment there is not until Wednesday but we emailed our service rep to say that we were going to be a day early...just to see if they could take us on Tuesday. We haven't heard back, and it is likely too late to change the day, so we'll just have to do some shopping in Eugene on Tuesday.

Hopefully the maintenance items that we want done can be completed on Wednesday and we will hit the road Thursday morning. With an overnighter at the Tulalip Casino and Resort, we should arrive in Fort Langley on Friday and then head over to the island Saturday. Fingers are crossed that all goes according to "my" plan!

By the way, those of you reading our earlier blog posts (2011) may have noticed that the links to the web albums are not working. Well, with the change from Picasa Web Albums over to killed the links! So one thing that I have been doing over the last few days is re-doing the albums and links...might as well take advantage of the free WiFi here at the park! If you come across any that aren't working, please let me know and I will create new albums and fix the link.

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