Tuesday, March 25, 2014 (Guaranty RV, Junction City, OR)

We woke to the sound of pitter-patter on the rooftop...such a foreign sound! We have had the occasional drizzle, but this is the first bout of appreciable rainfall...and it's only just the start!

At 8:00 Steve walked over to talk to John, our service rep here at Guaranty. I waited for his return with the news...will they be able to work on the trailer today? The answer was yes...so we quickly got everything packed up and ready for the fellow to come over with the forklift to take it over to a service bay.
And away it goes...

We had a shopping day today...we started off at Cabela's in Springfield, where we killed some time wandering around the store and out into the mall. After a cup of coffee in the food court, we headed back into Cabela's and picked up the birthday present (that was the reason for going to Cabela's) for a certain special little boy who turned one year old last January...stay tuned to find out what it is!

Our next stop was at a new Camping World store to see if they had the lens cover for the security light...they didn't but we didn't walk out empty handed. Steve picked up a fresh water regulator for the trailer. After that it was onto Costco and then Walmart.

Back in Junction City, we topped the diesel off in the truck ($3.84/gallon) and after a quick stop at Safeway, we were back at Guaranty RV. Unfortunately, they really hadn't done much on the work we wanted done. We were a little miffed but to be fair, we really weren't booked in until tomorrow. The parts required are due to arrive tomorrow morning...they damn well better be there...we had booked this appointment over a month ago, giving lots of time for the parts to be delivered!

Instead of moving us back over to the camping lot, they wanted the trailer left where it was so they could get right to work on it tomorrow morning...so here we are at our new camp spot for the night. Steve had to track down the forklift driver to move us onto our ramps as we were not very level and our door wouldn't close properly.

Quite a beautiful rainbow after a big downpour...

After being up at 5:30 this morning...and knowing that I'd have to be up again early tomorrow morning (we have to be out of here by 7:30), I called it an early night and was in bed reading shortly after 9:30...Steve wasn't long after me.

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