Sunday, March 9, 2014 (Midland LTVA, Blythe, CA)

It was a gorgeous day today...although there was still a fairly brisk breeze. After our usual start, we decided to get our resistance exercises out of the way and get on with our day.

We had a nice chat with my brother and sister-in-law (Dennis and Suzanne)...see you both tomorrow! I was doing a little budget work and paying bills while Steve was reading when Armand and Ann stopped by. Nice seeing you travels when you head back to Canada next month.

It was going on towards noon when we decided to get out for a walk.

The mountains are just beautiful...

Steve noticed this little creature...which really amazes me because it is well disguised in the desert. We think it is a Coast Horned Lizard...

Looking towards our rig (on the right)...Bill and Marg's spot on the left...
Dennis and Charlene's rig...

Once back from our walk, Gloria and Jim stopped by to invite us over for a little gathering they were having at 4:00 this afternoon. We are having Charlene and Dennis over for cocktails and dinner, so we already had plans. Thanks for the invitation, though!

We had lunch and then Steve went out to clean the Campfire-in-a-Can while I started making the sauce for lasagna. With the sauce simmering, we received a Skype call from our son, Chris and his fiance, Angela. After a lot of rain in Burnaby, they finally have a sunny day and had just gotten back from a walk. They are both doing well...looking forward to seeing them next month!

Immediately after their call, we received a call from Steve's sister and her husband (Nadine and Mike). It has been awhile since we had spoken, so we had a lot to catch up on...thirty-five minutes later, we said goodbye and ended our Skype was wonderful chatting with you both!

By this time, it was after 3:30...yikes, I'd better get the lasagna put together and get ready for our company! Charlene and Dennis arrived at about 4:30 and we sat outside for happy hour before heading in for dinner. Another great evening with great people!

After just a quick visit here at Midland, we are heading to Indio, CA tomorrow...looking forward to seeing Dennis and Suzanne!!

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