Friday, March 7, 2014 (Travel to Midland LTVA, Blythe, CA)

After a late night...and probably a few more "cocktails" than we really needed...we both felt much better this morning than we deserved to! We had our morning coffee and then got started with our day...time to pack up.

It was just before 9:30 when we pulled out of Estrella Mountain Regional Park and headed north, back to I-10. As we left, I called Leonie and Armand to see if they'd like to meet for coffee.  They are staying in Buckeye, just west of Goodyear and on our way.
We met in the Walmart parking lot and then drove over to Wendy's where Steve was going to buy everyone a coffee. The girl at the counter said seniors get free coffee...sweet! It was a short visit but great catching up. Good seeing you travels back to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario next month!

I popped into Walmart for a couple of things and then we hit the road again. Unfortunately this picture doesn't show how orange the flowers are...

"Sore Finger Road"...I'd love to know how it got that name!

We stopped at the Bouse Wash Rest Area for lunch...

A few weeks ago we rode our quads on that trail to the right while returning from the community of Brenda...

We stopped in Quartzsite to fuel up with diesel ($3.76/gallon). Before getting back onto the I-10 west, we also stopped at the RV Pit Stop for propane and to fill up our gallon drinking water jugs...then we were on our way again.

There is rarely anyone manning the Agricultural Inspection Station as you enter California...but you always have to stop.

We stopped at Miller Park in Blythe to fill up our fresh water tank and then headed north to Midland Road and the LTVA (long term visitors area)...
Lots of sheep in the field and so much greenery...

We arrived at Midland at about 2:30 California we actually gained an hour from Arizona. Steve said that he's not changing his watch since tomorrow night is the start of Daylight Savings Time and the clocks all jump ahead an hour anyway. I changed mine...figured that one of us should be on the correct time!

"Our" spot...just down from Dennis and Charlene's motorhome where we had stayed last November...was open, so we just backed in following our old tire marks on the ground. That was easy!  Just after we arrived, Charlene called...come on up at 4:30! She and Dennis had invited us up for cocktails and dinner...nice! We got all set up and relaxed for a bit and next thing we knew it was 4:30!

We had a great visit (and a delicious dinner...pulled pork...yum!) with Dennis and Charlene. We started our winter down here visiting with them...and we're ending it with them. They have invited us to the races tomorrow night at the Blythe Raceway...looking forward to it!

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