Wednesday, October 31, 2012 (Lake Havasu State Park, Lake Havasu City, AZ)

Today was a work day for Steve...he was up and outside before 7:30 (he wanted to get started before it got too hot).  His first task was reducing the truck’s tire a result of the RV weighing we had done at the RV rally. He has been dreading dealing with the pressure sensors on the inside duallies. Turns out it wasn't so bad after he removed the theft proof case that just spins but requires a special tool to remove/replace it on the stem. He still had to be a bit of a contortionist but found it much easier putting the inside duallie sensors back on now. If somebody wants to go to all that effort to steal them they can help themselves! After that, he moved onto the generator. It was due for an oil change and air filter cleaning.

Then it was off to the trailer...the casing housing the camera wires at the back of the trailer was coming off at the top.  So he removed the whole thing, cleaned off the old adhesive and replaced it.  I helped him by removing the old adhesive...holy cats, that is sticky stuff!

About 1:00 I decided to walk downtown...a very brilliant idea considering it was 89F/32C.  But I was after some exercise and it seemed like a good idea...besides I wanted to find a health food store and there was supposed to be one along the main drag (McCulloch Blvd).  So off I went with my backpack to carry my purchases.  And it was very hot...especially with few places in the shade that I could stop...and to top it all off, it’s a slight but steady incline away from the lake area.  But I found the store I was looking for and with my purchases in my backpack...and replenished with another bottle of water (with electrolytes added...very important with the heat in Arizona apparently), I was on my way home.

I was back home shortly after 3:00 to find Steve relaxing in the shade...he had completed his work.  I quickly joined him in some shade and read my book.  It cools off quite nicely as the sun gets lower in the sky...unfortunately, it takes a little longer for the trailer to cool down.  But we headed in at 5:00 to watch the news...such devastation with the storm back east...our thoughts go out to all those affected.

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