Thursday, November 1, 2012 (Lake Havasu State Park, Lake Havasu City, AZ)

There was a light cloud covering hanging around for the most part today...after so many days of clear skies it seemed odd.  But it was still a hot, beautiful day.

After our coffee, we did our exercises, showered and had it was time to get on with today’s agenda.  We headed out just after find the car was truck washing day today.  And that was what we did...over 2 hours and $18 in quarters later, Buster was all clean!

Once back home, we had lunch and then Steve drove down to the park gate to pay for another night...we will be staying here until at least Tuesday now since we are waiting for a package.  A replacement tire pressure sensor is being sent so we figured we would just stay put and have it delivered to Lake Havasu City.

We spent the rest of the afternoon outside in the shade reading our books.  It was after 4:30 when we grabbed a drink and walked down to visit a couple that we had met in Quartzsite last year.  Rob and Peggy are from Okotoks, Alberta and are on their way back down to Quartzsite.  They were here at the campground before we got here but it wasn’t until the other day when I went for a walk and spoke to them as I passed their site.  That’s when they said that they had met us last year...Rob had gone on one of the ATV rides with us.  Ahhh...right...I remember the yellow quad now.  We have met so many people in the past 28 months...we don’t often remember meeting people right off, but everyone remembers the truck (and not necessarily us).

We sat with them and had a nice chat and then returned home.  The sun was going down and with the clouds, there was a beautiful sunset developing.  So instead of going in and getting dinner started, Steve took our chairs down to the lakefront and we enjoyed another drink watching the sun go down.  It was just magnificent...

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