Sunday, November 11, 2012 (Crossroads BLM Campground, Parker, AZ)

The furnace was running a lot last was only 36F/2C when I got up this morning.  I don’t think the thermometer got much above 63F/17C today and the breeze was chilly...but the sky was clear and the sun was shining so all is good.  The coyotes woke us in the wee hours with their funny that we would hear them right after talking to our friends back home yesterday...Rob and Nancy have stayed in Parker numerous times and asked us if we had heard the coyotes.  We said no, we hadn’t...well now we have. (By the way Rob and Nancy, it was great connecting with your on FaceTime!!)

We ended up having a pretty laid back day.  Steve spent time working on the tire pressure sensors getting them all sorted out, programmed correctly...and they all work properly now.  Apparently last spring when we had to buy new trailer tires from Les Schwab they mixed up the tire sensor position. Steve had asked that they balance the tires and assumed that they had. After the new tires were installed he put the tire pressure sensors back on in their proper position then went to pay the bill. That's when he found out they didn't do the balancing so they had to removed all the wheels again and do the balancing.  Steve assumed that they were put back on the way they came off....wrong.  Well it turns out that the right front sensor  that we sent back to the factory was fine and it was the left rear tire sensor that was indicating a dead battery. We now know that the sensors do not indicate on the monitor display when they are in the wrong position...Sheesh!

I puttered around inside, doing some odds and ends.  I found out that Serena (GPS) needs some updating...the maps are outdated but when I tried to download new ones, it was going to take 5 hours.  I’m not sure if it is size of the download or the slow connection we have here...probably a combination of both.  So I cancelled the download and will try it again when we have a faster internet connection...or probably wait until we go home to Victoria in December (and use our son’s fast land line connection).

At about 2:30 we decided to get a little cardio so headed out for a power walk.  We walked out of the campground and down the road for 15 minutes and then turned around.  On the way back we thought we would walk through the resort next door to the campground.  The Rio Del Colorado had a sign advertising the riverfront Rio Bar and Grill...sounds interesting...let’s check it out.  It’s pretty quiet around there...probably the lull before the busy season...but we did come across a woman taking the garbage out and asked her about the bar. 
She said that it wasn’t open and she thought that it was going through ownership change.  It’s a nice spot...

This is the pool area...

 A picnic area...

We cut through the wash and back to our campsite and were back just after 3:00...a short half hour power walk but if felt good.  While we were sitting outside in the sunshine, we had visitors...4 burros came wandering through, going down to the river for water.  

I figured it was ‘Wheel (Burro)’ bringing his wife and 2 kids for a visit...we have no idea if it was Wheel or not...but I like my story so I’m sticking with it!

After moving our chairs trying to stay in the sunshine, we finally decided that it really wasn’t very pleasant sitting outside.  The wind seemed to be getting stronger and it was just too chilly, so we put the chairs away and headed inside for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  It is supposed to be warmer tomorrow...with gradual warming as the week progresses...79F/26C sounds more like it!

After dinner I baked cookies for Steve...yes, his favourite chocolate chip cookies!  (I don't know what happened to the "healthy" ones I used to bake...hmmm...oh well, an indulgence once in awhile, I guess!)  It was also a good way to heat the inside of the trailer!

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