Thursday, November 15, 2012 (Crossroads BLM Campground, Parker, AZ)

There was a beautiful sunrise this morning.  As it turned out, though, after the sunrise, we ended up with totally cloudy skies...and the weather website said it was sunny out with a high of 27C/81F...we reached 20C/68F.

I had one hellava night last night...not sleeping well at all due pain in my stomach area—my insides have really been bugging me since my fall the other day.  I can understand the muscular and skeletal aches and pains from my fall but I was concerned about the other pain.

After much debating with myself, I decided it might be a good idea to get checked out at the hospital...I really didn’t want to given that we are not in Canada but that is why we bought travel insurance, right?  Steve agreed that it would be a good idea and give us peace of mind that nothing inside had been damaged, so off we went to La Paz County Regional Hospital in Parker.

We arrived at 9:30 with nobody in the waiting area...sweet. After blood and urine tests...and finally a CT Scan with iodine shot through my veins to check for any issues, we were told that all tests were okay.  I just gave myself a major jarring and strained everything.  Keep taking ibuprofen/Tylenol for pain.  That was very good news!

Here I am just after the nurse had given a heavy duty pain killer in my intravenous tube (believe me, I didn't look this happy all day)...

After paying our bill (yikes, those CT scans are pricey!) that I will have to submit to my insurance company for reimbursement (oh by the way, I did call Medi-Assist before we left for the hospital to get the okay and a file opened), four and a half hours later we were on our way was shortly after 2:00 when we got home. The empty waiting room didn't seem to speed things up.

It was a cloudy day and not particularly nice out so we just spent the rest of the day inside.  We plan on definitely leaving here tomorrow...I just hope I have a better night tonight than I did last night!

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