Tuesday, November 20, 2012 (Midland LTVA, Blythe, CA)

It was a beautiful start to the day as the sun came up over the mountains...so much wide open blue sky...I love it!  The internet service here is much better than I was getting at Oxbow (thank goodness), so I spent the first few hours of my day sitting in my recliner with the laptop working on our blog.

It must have been about 9:30 when we heard a jeep pull up outside.  It was Bill Wolf (he goes by “Wolf”) welcoming us.  A few minutes later Ann and Arman who had been out for a walk joined Wolf and Steve outside.  I was still in my “jammies” sitting in my recliner, with the laptop and was not exactly ready to greet people, so I continued working on the blog.  Well, when the talking outside continued and continued, I figured I had better get cleaned up and introduce myself to our neighbours.

I had quite a conversation with Ann and found out that most of the people coming here have been doing so for a number of years and all know each other...so it is quite a little community.  They are having a big Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday and invited us as their guests...how nice!

After they left, I cleaned up inside while Steve decided to start offloading the quads.  A few minutes later, I heard him talking to someone...well, another neighbour, Dennis, from just across the way came over to welcome us.  He and his wife, Charlene, are from Michigan.  After a long chat, he headed home but not before inviting us over for cocktails later this afternoon. 

Steve continued offloading the quads then sweeping the sand from Lake Powell from the bed of the truck while I continued working on the blog...I managed to get another day posted and then it was time to go for a ride.  We headed out at about 12:30 and had a great time exploring the area.  Apparently this whole area is where Patton trained troops back in the Second World War...maybe we can find some of the remnants that are supposedly out there!

As usual, lots of pictures were taken...

Going through a wash...

We stopped for a rest at an old mine site...white as snow...according to our neighbour it's Calcium Carbonate...

Although some may think that the desert looks very desolate, I think it can be very beautiful...

We got back at around 3:00...a great afternoon ride!  On our way back, we drove through the rest of the LTVA and then stopped at Arman and Ann's place where they were sitting outside.  We were introduced to more people...I'll never remember everyone's name!

Just after 4:30 we walked over to Dennis and Charlene's for happy hour.  They have a very nice Class A motorhome...lots of windows; something alot of them don't have.  After a couple of hours chatting with them, it was time to go home and get our dinner on.

So many nice people...I think we are going to enjoy our week here!

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  1. You two are sure having a great time in some great places. Hope your back is getting better.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you both!!!