Friday, November 2, 2012 (Lake Havasu State Park, Lake Havasu City, AZ)

The phone rang just a few minutes before 9:30 this was my brother, Dennis, saying that they were on their way down.  They arrived in Laughlin yesterday and are spending a week there before continuing to southern California.  So they are coming for a visit...we haven’t seen them since last spring.

This morning Steve noticed a couple of remote control planes flying around the day-use area.  At first he thought that it was just a couple of people out enjoying their hobby but when there were more and more planes up in the air, he figured that there must be some kind of event he walked over to find out what was up.  Yes’s the 26th Annual London Bridge Seaplane Classic this weekend.  He is in his glory...

He announced that he is going over tomorrow morning and spending the day watching the planes (so stay tune for more pictures!!)

Dennis and Suzanne (and Dunkin) arrived shortly after 11:00.  We sat and visited and walked down to the lake where Dunkin played fetch with his ball...unfortunately, he had a tough time getting the ball in the water and ended up pushing it out further into the lake.  Suzanne had to go rescue it...

Doesn't take much water for Dunkin to get soaked...poor little guy was justy shivering...

We drove to the Visitor’s Centre at the London Bridge and wandered around...such a beautiful day...and then decided to walk across the bridge to Barley Bros Brewery for lunch.  After lunch, we wandered around more, visiting some of the shops along the walkway.

It was around 2:00 when we got back to the campground...we set up chairs in the shade and continued visiting for the next couple of hours...until it was time for Dennis, Suzanne and Dunkin to head off.  We had such a great afternoon with them.  They will be spending the winter at their RV site in Indio, we will connect with them more in the coming months.


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