Thursday, November 8, 2012 (Crossroads BLM Campground, Parker, AZ)

We woke this morning to some clouds hanging around and as the morning progressed, they got thicker.  It seems so odd...we have had clear blue sky for so long now.  But a cold front is moving in across eastern California and western Saturday the expected daytime high is going to be 63F/17C, quite a difference from what we have been experiencing.  It’s supposed to go back up by next week...not quite as hot as it has been though...75F/24C.

The chance of precipitation today was 10%...not much chance, right?  Well, it rained on and off for most of the afternoon...not a major downpour but frequent bouts of rain ranging from a light sprinkle to heavier rain.

It was late morning by the time we decided to head out and do a little exploring.  Our first stop was at the Rock House Visitors Center just down the road.  It’s not very busy yet...apparently the snowbirds really start to arrive after Thanksgiving (November 22).  We were greeting by the host who was very informative and anxious to tell us about the area. 

After chatting and going through the center, we went for a walk down towards the river.

That is the boat launch on the left...

Our next stop was at a roadside kiosk that told the story of Cross Roads...there was also the ruins of the most prominent business in the area...the mercantile company.

After we were finished there, one look at the sky made us decide to just go back home and chill for the rest of the day.  The clouds were dark and there was rain on the way...and with the truck that we had recently spent a good part of a day washing, there was no way Steve wanted to drive it in the rain (he often wishes it was just a pickup truck when it comes to washing it!)  This is the entrance to campground...

Back home we spent the afternoon sitting outside under the awning reading as it rained off and on.  Unfortunately, the moisture on the ground brought out the lovely aroma similar to a horse barn...I think this is a very popular wild burro hangout!

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