Monday, November 26, 2012 (Midland LTVA, Blythe, CA)

It was 10:30 when we drove out of the LTVA and headed to Blythe with three big bags of dirty laundry...yes, it was laundry day.  Steve dropped me off and then went in search of a haircut.  He walked back into the Laundromat almost two hours later with a very disgusted look on his face...and very short hair.  He was right put off...the fellow cutting his hair did exactly the opposite of what he asked for.  Its okay, looks fine.  I need a haircut as well...but I think I will wait until we get home!

With laundry done, we ran a couple of other errands and then headed home.  Steve pumped fresh water from the water containers into the trailer while I dealt with all of the clean laundry...and made up the bed. done for the day!

We sat outside relaxing for a bit and then decided to go for a walk.  We basically followed the same route as the other day, doing a big loop.  On our way back we passed Armand and Ann’s, so we stopped and chatted with the group...Armand, Tom (east) and Tom (west)...that’s how they distinguish between the 2 Tom’s...were working on a solar system for Tom (west) and “the girls”, Ann, Lynn and Mary were sitting in the shade.

Back home, we cooled down in the shade for a bit and then headed over to Dennis and Charlene’s for happy hour.  They were sitting outside enjoying a view of their lovely “yard”.  They are on the edge of a wash and have set up bird feeders along with water dishes and a little dog food for the foxes.

Kit foxes frequent the area, so we watched for one to show up.  We weren’t this young fellow came along...

As usual, our happy hour was a little longer than it should have been but we really enjoyed chatting with them....another great evening with our new friends!

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