Tuesday, November 6, 2012 (Lake Havasu State Park, Lake Havasu City, AZ)

Another beautiful sunny, cloudless sky again today...I love it!  The high for today was supposed to be 90F/32C but it didn’t make it quite that high (thank goodness)...it was in the mid 80s/20s...which was plenty warm enough.

As we were sitting enjoying our morning coffee, an email came in from the tire monitor company saying that the package (our replacement tire sensor) would be shipped today...what?!  Since she had sent an email last Thursday saying that it was ready to be shipped...and we responded telling her where to send it...that it would be sent Friday morning and that we should receive it by Monday afternoon or Tuesday.  Sheesh!!  Steve decided to give her a phone call...we are now having it shipped to Parker, AZ where we will be heading to tomorrow.

We headed out mid-morning to find the local BLM (Bureau of Land Management) office and get information and maps.  But first we stopped at West Marine just outside the park so that Steve could pick up some wax for the the fifth-wheel.

The BLM office is on the south side of Lake Havasu City...not far from the laundromat where I was yesterday.  It is a big regional office with tons of information...even a live snake display.  The fellow was extremely informative about the area.  We left with two new maps...there are just tons of areas to explore!  He also gave us information about the two campgrounds on the California side of the Colorado River, outside of Parker, AZ.  We had been looking at the campgrounds on-line and wanted to learn more about them...he provided that info which was excellent.  We also learned that the National Park Pass that we purchased can be used to give us half off the camping fee at some sites....sweet!

We left the office and decided to take a drive through S.A.R.A. Park (Special Activities and Recreation Area) just a little further south.  It’s quite the area...everything from trailheads to hiking trails, to rodeo grounds, BMX track, gun range and race track.

After that, we took McCullogh Blvd South that loops around to the downtown area...

...and then stopped to fuel up with diesel.  The prices really vary from station to station...of course, we picked the one with the cheapest...Zip (never heard of them before) with diesel at $4.05/gallon which we were very pleased with considering that other stations were as high as $4.36/gallon (last night Steve went on Gas Buddies and found that the price at that station had gone down to $3.99/gallon...figures!)

Once back home, we had lunch and then Steve set up the chairs on the shaded side of the trailer.  I did some “work” on the laptop inside and then joined him.  We spent the rest of the afternoon just chillin’ in the shade.  I am almost finished the book I have been reading...it’s about 3 inches thick and a couple of thousand pages...very awkward to hold.

As the sun was going down, we moved our chairs down to the lakefront.  Steve sat with me there for a bit and then decided it had cooled down enough to climb up on the roof of the fifth-wheel and clean the solar panels and put them back down. The birds were making quite the mess up there  so we had to take the bird feeder down the other day. He took this picture from up there...(that's me way down there)...

We are leaving in the morning...not going far, though...about 40 miles to Parker.  Although we like it here, it will be nice for a change of scenery again.

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  1. Hi Steve, Dianne,
    I!m following your blog ever since the interview. We have been in Parker AZ in March this year, spent 5 days in the area. We also camped on BLM campgrounds on the California side of the Colorado. There is one site, no service and 5 $/night. The other one is only 1/2 mile north from there with full hook ups for 25-30$/night. Don't be surprised wherever you camp there are lot of wild burrows in the area, roaming around free and if they smell food they just wont go. I do envy you for the temperatures for sure, here at home the peak is 10 degree and cooling down for the weekend. Enjoy life down there on the sunny side of the Globe.

    Janos Balogh