Wednesday, November 28, 2012 (Midland LTVA, Blythe, CA)

It was another beautiful day today...not quite as hot as it has been but still a really pleasant 76F/24C.

We finally decided to do something that we have been talking about doing for quite a while...go through our clothes and get rid of the things we haven’t worn in the last 29 months.   So while I finished up responding to some emails that I had been neglecting, Steve got started on his stuff.  I was doing the dishes and he was still in’s amazing the clothes in the closet that we brought along once we started this lifestyle...and haven’t touched!  When it was my turn...well, I was in there just as long and really tried to be brutal but I think it’s harder for women...I just might want to wear this...or that...and I even found some things that I had totally forgotten about...too funny!

The end result was three big garbage bags of clothes and shoes.  We had asked Ann and Armand if there was a thrift shop or goodwill store in town where we could drop the bags off and they offered to take the bags to their church.

So shortly before noon, I set off in the truck and after dropping the things off with Ann, I headed into Blythe to pick up a few groceries.  Once back, Steve loaded the quads back into the truck and packed some things away in preparation for leaving tomorrow.

At 3:00 we decided to go for our usual walk.  On our loop back, we stopped at Tom and Lynn’s, Wolf and Marg’s, and Armand and Ann’s to say goodbye and thank them for all their hospitality.  Steve had already invited Dennis and Charlene over for a ‘happy hour’ campfire so we also invited the other three couples to pop over.

Dennis and Charlene arrived just before 4:30 bearing gifts for Steve and I...Charlene had knitted booties to keep our feet warm on those cool desert days...thanks so much, Charlene!

Next to arrive were Ann and Armand...

Followed by Lynn and Tom...

...and then Marg and Wolf...

Everyone had a great evening!  So much so, that it seemed no one wanted to go home!  It ended up being a much later evening that we had planned...but it was lots of fun!   Perhaps a little too much fun,,,probably going to be a little "slow" tomorrow. 

A great group of people...we will definitely be back!

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