Sunday, November 4, 2012 (Lake Havasu State Park, Lake Havasu City, AZ)

Not a very exciting day today, I’m afraid.  Steve spent all morning editing the 200+ pictures he took yesterday at the London Bridge Seaplane Classic.  He managed to whittle the number down to 137...and then picked out the ones he wanted for the blog.

I headed out to Walmart just after 10:30...and spent the next two and half hours enjoying a shopping trip by myself....not all that exciting at Walmart but I enjoyed it just the same.

When I got back, Steve was sitting in the shade with the iPad researching camping spots in southern Arizona and California.  He found a county park not far from Indio, California that looks like it would be perfect when we visit my brother and sister-in-law.  Now, I just hope there will be a site available when we want to stay in the area.

After putting all the groceries away, I joined Steve in the shade and read for awhile.  Later on we went inside and powered up the laptop so that we could have a Skype call with our son, Chris and his girlfriend, Angela.  It was a great connection and we really enjoyed seeing and chatting with them.  We tried calling our other son, Rob, but I guess he and Angie were out...hopefully we’ll connect another time soon.  Steve called his Dad and after a chat with him, we went back outside and sat down by the lakefront as the sun when down.

And that was it for our day....

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