Monday, November 5, 2012 (Lake Havasu State Park, Lake Havasu City, AZ)

Not a very exciting day again was laundry day.  After our usual start to the day, we did our exercises, showered, had breakfast and then I set off in the truck to find the Laundromat that had been recommended.  It was a few minutes after 11:00 by this time.  Southside Laundromat was, as the name suggests, on the south side of Havasu City...a bit of a drive but I found it and even had no problem parking on the side street right beside the laundry entrance.  I don’t usually like taking the truck out unless I know exactly where I am going and what I can expect as far as parking is concerned...gee, I must be getting brave in my old age!

Steve’s job for today was to clean the barbeque...something he has been meaning to do for awhile now.  Sounds like he had to take the innards completely apart...why can’t they make them easier to clean?  Steve called the local post office to see if the package that we are waiting for had arrived but they wouldn’t give him any information over the phone without a tracking number...what a pain!  So he had to send an email to the company to find that out...more waiting.

Once our work was done, we sat outside in the shade for the remainder of the afternoon reading.  It was a very uneventful day...other than me being my usual clumsy self...I tripped on the satellite cable and took a nice nose-dive.  The result:  a nice big gouge out of my left knee along with some scrapes....sheesh!  Thank goodness, it didn’t pull out or interrupt the satellite connection!

Once the sun had gone behind the mountain on the other side of the lake, we decided to take a walk around the campground.  It was a short power walk...but it didn’t take long to work up a sweat.  It’s still very warm out...and even hotter inside the fifth-wheel.  Even with a nice breeze outside and with all of the windows open, it seems to take a long time for the trailer to cool down.  And there are these teeny tiny little flies that manage to make it through the least they are not those biting “no-seeums”...just very annoying as they gather around light sources.

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