Thursday, November 22, 2012 (Midland LTVA, Blythe, CA)

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends!  We have been welcomed with open arms by a small community of RV’ers that winter here at Midland LTVA each year...and have been invited to be their guests at Thanksgiving Dinner today at 1:00 p.m.

We had a pretty lazy morning... we collected all of the old paperback books we have read and walk them down to the kiosk.  On the way back, we stopped and chatted with Armand and Ann for a bit before continuing home.

Steve decided it was time to check and top off the fluid in our batteries and cover the tires on the sunny side of the trailer. I went online and purchased a membership to geocashing...Earl introduced us to geocashing last year when we met them at Quartzsite.  We really enjoyed it but for some reason or another, we didn't continue with it but we are looking forward to getting back into it.  We're also really looking forward to re-connecting with Earl and Alison at Quartzsite.  After all of our "work" was done, we relaxed until it was time to head over to Wolf’s.

At 12:45, we loaded the quads with our beverages, cutlery/plates and chairs and rode down to join the group for their potluck Thanksgiving Dinner.  So many introductions being made...we'll never remember everyone's name!!

Wolf and Marg have a tent set up with tables and chairs so everyone could sit down and enjoy the meal shaded from the hot sun. They stay here for 6 months and have quite the set up.

The food table...I wish I had gotten a picture before everyone had "dug in"...there was turkey, ham with all the trimmings along with a delicous variety of salads and side dishes...tons of food!

Armand and Ann...from Milk River, Alberta...

Relaxing and chatting after a great meal...

Wolf showed Steve his workshop...he has "everything" in fact so much stuff in storage bins that he has them numbered and keeps an inventory list so he knows where everything is!

I have a new buddy...this is Tigger, Wolf (sitting down) and Marg's 2 year old Pomeranian (they just picked her up last Sunday)...

Loretta gave me her hat to try on...going to have to get me one!

At 4:00 we thanked everyone for including us in their Thanksgiving celebrations and headed home...what a lovely afternoon!

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