Wednesday, February 2, 2011 (Travel Day to Davis Bayou, Ocean Springs, Mississippi)

Well, that cold snap arrived! What a temperature change from yesterday...41F and with the wind, it was freezing out! I was happy to stay inside packing up in preparation for our travel day and let Steve go outside and pack up everything out there.

It was just after 10:00 by the time we finished up at the sani-dump station and were heading back along the narrow island to the bridge. The sand drifts across the road looked so much like snow drifts...and with the cold wind, had we been outside of the warm truck, I’m sure it would have felt more like snow rather than the white sand it was.

Goodbye Pensacola Beach!

Serena directed us to highway 98 through Pensacola and onto I-10 West. It wasn’t long before we crossed the State line into Alabama.

The Interstate took us through Mobile but we weren’t impressed at all. Mind you, to be fair to Mobile, we really didn’t see much other than the industrial section.

The part of Alabama that is on the Gulf Coast is just a small sliver...maybe 60 before long we were in Mississippi. We stopped at the Visitors Centre where the lady gave me information on Davis Bayou...our destination. Like Fort Pickens, it is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and it does have a campground. While researching campgrounds, I had come across Davis Bayou Campground but hadn’t really been able to find out too much about it. So I was happy get more info on it. After picking up a few more pamphlets on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, we continued on our way.

Again, Serena took us on a rather bizarre route into the park...we just never know when to trust her! Anyway we finally found the road into the park and the Visitors Centre...which was closed for renovations. A makeshift Visitors Centre was at the campground...okay...we just had to find the campground! Interesting that the turnoff to the campground was better marked on the way out of the park than it was on the way in.

The small campground is a self-registering...just pick which site you want and pay at the kiosk...$16 per night with 50 amp electrical and water...again, no sewer but there are free hot showers in the bathhouse. We chose site #28 and after getting backed-in and unhitched, I was happy to get inside, turn the heaters on and unpack...while Steve got us all hooked-up outside.

We got a satellite signal with relatively little difficulty and we also have what seems like a fairly good internet signal.....YAY! All is good!

Once all set up, we took a walk around the campground...a very quick walk, I must say! It was freakin’ cold out...29F with the wind-chill...that’s like -2C and there was even a little sleet!!

Needless to say, we spent the rest of the evening snuggled down in front of the fireplace...with all heaters on as well!

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