Sunday, February 6, 2011 (Travel Day to New Orleans, Louisiana)

It was sunny but chilly again this morning (29F/-2C...while back home it`s 40F/5C!) but it actually warmed up quickly. By the time Steve headed out to start packing up, it was already 52F...and it was just after 9:00.

After a stop at the sani-dump, we were on our was shortly after 10:30. It was a beautiful day for travelling.

Rather than the main highway, I-10, we decided to take highway 90 along the coast through Biloxi, Gulfport...retracing our sightseeing route taken yesterday...and then carrying on until it meets up with I-10 just before the Louisiana State border. For many miles along the coast there are empty lots for about a block inland where homes and businesses used to be.

Pictures taken along the way....

Another bridge...there are so many bridges in these southern States...I think BC should take a lesson about bridges and build from the mainland to the island and get rid of BC Ferries!

Approaching New Orleans...

As we approached New Orleans, again, it is very evident of the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. So many of the houses still remain is really quite ‘slummy’ looking. The city is huge, spreading out for miles...with freeways and bridges going every which direction! But Serena directed us and our route to Bayou Segnette State Park went smoothly.

Bridge over the Mississippi River...

Again, the actual campground is quite a distance from the park entrance. After registering, we continued in...these are pictures of work being done on the levee...

We weren’t sure what to expect but the campground turned out to be really nice. It had been recommended to us but the reviews indicated some problems with the construction of the levee. After getting backed-in and levelled off, we realize that we had taken site #62 and not #63, the one we had registered for. But the girl at the office had said that if we found another site we like better to just call her and she would change it. Luckily site #62 was available for the 4 nights we had registered for, so all was okay.

We got all set up...and as usual, the last task was to get the satellite positioned. For some reason we were able to get a strong signal but it was indicating “yellow”, not “green”...but we were still able to get all the stations. I also found out that there is free WiFi...with a great signal...YAY! So for $18/night, the site had water, electrical (but no sewer), free WiFi, free hot showers and free laundry...pretty darned good, I’d say!

There is also a free pedestrian ferry not far away that goes across the Mississippi River to the French Quarter...we are looking forward to exploring that area!

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  1. In regards to building a bridge to Vancouver Island, I am afraid that's not possible. If Ripple Rock was not taken out, it may have been possible.