Sunday, February 13, 2011 (Sam Houston Jones State Park, Lake Charles, LA)

The only thing we really had planned for today was to do laundry. So after our usual slow start to the day, we loaded the bags of laundry into the truck and headed to the Laundromat that we had noticed on the highway. Everlynn Washateria was one of the nicer places that we have come across. It was big with lots of different sized machines and although fairly busy, there were still lots of empty machines. So...we spent any exciting couple of hours there...

Once we got back home, I put the laundry away while Steve decided to go see if any of the campers who left this morning (most had cleared out) had left any firewood. We can’t find anywhere that sells it and the park allows you to take any downed wood for firewood...most of that had already been cleaned up by previous least the easy-to-get stuff.

Then it was time for some we decided to hike some of the other trails in the park. We started off with the .5 mile Red Trail and along the way we came across a foot bridge and fishing hole that we had missed the other day when we had walked around the area. Once back on the road we decided to continue along to another trailhead...the Purple Trail. It was 1.6 miles. By the time we walked that and then walked the long way around the pond/bayou to our campsite we were hot and tired. We had had a good 1½ power walk...part trails and part road.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the day use area of the park was quite full...lots of families out enjoying the weather and having a picnic.

Since Steve had been quite successful in hunting down some firewood, I walked around gathering some twigs and branches for kindling. Soon we had our campfire had been ages since we had been able to have a fire.

We had a great evening! I brought out the laptop and we Skype-called Chris while sitting in front of the campfire...too cool! After that, we also called Dennis and Suzanne and had a great chat with them. Too bad we hadn’t been able to reach Rob and Angie...or Dwight...Oh well...another time, I guess.

After roasting hot dogs over the campfire (a very nutritious dinner!!), we called it a night and headed inside. 

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