Thursday, February 24, 2011 (Travel Day to Las Cruses, New Mexico)

We were up bright and early this morning...and as the sun came up over the mountains, we could tell it was going to be another beautiful sunny day...but windy! It was very windy as we packed up and made our way to the sani-dump before hitting the road.

We were on the road heading back to Interstate 10 West shortly before 10:00 a.m. Just a gorgeous travel day! But that wind was cold!

The countryside is diverse as we travelled through vast open flatness to rolling hills...all very dry and arid. This part of Texas is not nearly as populated as the central and eastern parts and I feel like we are really “in the wilds of Texas”.

We stopped at the first town we came to; just under an hour of being on the road. There was a truck stop and we needed diesel so we rallied for a spot with all of the big semi’s that decided to fuel up at the same time as us. It took awhile but we finally pulled up to the pumps. Well, as you are all aware, the problems in Libya are having an effect on the fuel prices. We paid the most we have yet paid...$3.68/gallon!

A little further down the highway we decided to pull into a “scenic lookout” and eat our lunch. We pulled in behind a fellow from Montana...he walked over to us and asked us laughingly if we were following him. I guess he had seen us at Lake Braunig RV Park...we’re hard to miss! We chatted a bit and he asked us where we were that point we said El Paso. They were heading to Las Cruces for a few days then onto Tombstone and Tucson. That is when we thought...Tombstone...right...wouldn’t that be a great place to see. So after we finished our sandwiches, we went out and asked him where they were staying.

After getting back on the road and discussing our destination plans....agreeing that we didn’t really care for our options in El Paso anyway, we decided we would continue onto Las Cruces, New Mexico. It is less than an hour further from El Paso, just across the state border. We were indeed following them to Hacienda RV Resort...a little pricier than we would normally go for but it’s nice when you hear about a place from others and that they are staying there.

The drive through El Paso...

We stopped at the Visitors Centrer as we entered New Mexico...

We arrived at Hacienda RV Resort just after 2:00...mind you, we had gone through a time zone change today so we gained an hour...we are now only one hour ahead of BC. We had had roughly a 5 hour drive. We stopped at the office...a big lovely check in. of the things I was hoping for at this fancy dancy RV resort was to have a good WiFi connection so that I could get our blog up-to-date...but guess what was temporarily out of service? Figures! To her credit, she did tell us this before we actually checked in so we could change our minds. No, we will stay for the 2 nights we had planned.

The sites are all wide level gravel off paved roads. We pulled into our site (159) to find we were right across the street from our new found friends from Michigan...Ron and Deb and Bill and Stacy. We unhitched from the truck, levelled off and then I went inside to unpack while Steve got us all connected outside.

After we were all set up, we decided to go for a power walk around the the wind! The park is really very nice and well laid out. Our main issue is that there are no picnic tables at the sites. The sites are all manicured gravel...yes, they are all raked...with a vegetation barrier between every 2 sites. Between the 2 sites are the water, power, cable and sewer hook-ups, so each RV is back-to-back facing the vegetation barrier.

The reception building houses the restrooms/showers...very nice showers—they are individual rooms with a shower stall and change area...a big laundry room and a very nice lounge. Outside there is a big patio area with an outdoor fireplace and chairs and tables. There is also a large hot tub that should be reopening tomorrow after suffering from broken pipes from the freezing temperatures a couple of weeks back.

After our walk, we retreated inside out of the wind and relaxed. I managed to get a fairly good signal on the Rogers Rocket Stick so I worked our travel blog...I am way behind!

Tomorrow we want to explore the old town, Mesilla plus I have a mountain of laundry to do!

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