Saturday, October 16, 2010 (Myrtle Beach, SC)

I was up super early again this morning...partly because of my sinus congestion and partly because I was excited to get on with the day and see the area. One great thing is that I managed to get my travel journal all up-to-date!

We had a leisurely start to the day. By the time we had showered, had breakfast and cleaned up, it was just before 11:00 a.m. We decided to go for a walk on the beach. What a beautiful day! The forecast was for sun and a high in the low 70’s. There were lots of people out fishing from the shore. It seemed we our shorts and bare feet while most of the folks fishing were all bundled up in jeans and sweatshirts.

We headed north towards a pier, which once we got to it, discovered it was the Myrtle Beach State Park Pier. There were lots of people out walking, sunning and fishing but by no means was the beach crowded. This is probably a good time of the year to be here as I’m sure there are way more people here during the summer months. We even passed a couple getting married on the beach. It took us 45 minutes and after a brief stop in the restrooms and gift shop, we walked out on the pier. There were tons of people fishing from the pier...a popular pastime on a Saturday, I guess. I’m not sure what they were catching but they were little (fishies).

We sat and rested for a bit, taking in the lovely view and then headed back. We were back at about 12:50...just under 2 hours. It felt great to get out for a good walk...something I’ll have to make sure I do everyday...I need to walk off a few pounds!! Although Steve may need to wear his runners next time...2 hours of walking on the sand wore his feet a big emery board, I guess!

After relaxing with a bottle of water, I decided to take my ipod and earbuds/microphone over to the free WiFi zone and see if I could get connected on Skype and call my brother, Dwight, to see how things were back home. I had successfully tried this when we first started our adventure and were down in Washington State. I have Skype as an app on my ipod and with the microphone built in to the earbuds, it can be used as a phone. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to connect to Skype...I’ll have to try it another time.

After a bite to eat for lunch, Steve and I thought we’d take a walk around the resort. As I mentioned earlier, it is huge. In one area, there is a Laundromat with over a hundred washers and dryers, a big store and a snack bar—a “meet-n-eat” area (this is where the free WiFi zone is). You can also have WiFi at your campsite...for an additional fee. Then in another area, there are 2 pools (one indoor and one outdoor), a big arcade mini-golf and a huge recreation/activity centre.

Down on the beach is a big lookout structure with a skateboard rink underneath it and a big beach snackbar (it was closed for the season).

After seeking out some shade for our chairs, we sat out and enjoyed our happy hour. With the late afternoon, though, we were soon seeking out the sun again but eventually it went down behind some trees. It’s getting darker and darker...earlier and earlier...

We’d had a great first full day at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina....I still have a hard time believing we are here...another stop of many in our adventure! What a blast!

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