Monday, October 25, 2010 (Yemassee, SC)

Well, after two very full days of sightseeing and exploring the area, we decided to have a “down” day today.

Steve helped me carry laundry bags down to the Laundromat. Along the way, he suddenly stopped because he said his ankle was being bitten...he had a bunch of tiny red ants all over his shoe and ankle! He must have stood right on top of an ant hill while he was waiting outside for me. While he was balancing on one foot trying to rid his ankle and shoe of the tiny pests, I was getting eaten by mosquitoes! Oh, come those big itchy welts again...time for Reactine!

While I was going back and forth to the laundry, Steve was helping our new neighbour next door. They had just arrived in a big class A motor home and for some reason could not get his shore-power to work. He has to run his generator all day (and night) until a replacement part arrives...hopefully tomorrow.

It was very hot and humid today. We spent most of the afternoon inside with the air conditioner running. Thundershowers were expected late this afternoon...and they arrived right on time. We could hear the distant rumbling as the storm got closer and closer. By dinner time, it was an all-out storm! The sky was constantly lit by lightning followed by booming thunder. Then the rain and wind started. It was all very entertaining as we sat at the dinner table eating our dinner. The power went out briefly at one point leaving us running on battery and the cablevision flickered a couple of times. After an hour or so, the storm passed and everything had calmed down.

That had been a very fast...”do nothing” day!...and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

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