Tuesday, February 7, 2012 (Val Vista Village RV Resort, Mesa, AZ)

There was a bit of a cloud covering to start the day off today but by early afternoon, it had pretty much cleared up and was quite warm out.

Steve decided to do a little work on the trailer this morning...first on his agenda was the hot water tank.  In the last week, it has started to make a squealing sound when you turn on the hot water tap.  He pulled the cupboard apart (where the hot water tank is) and tried to figure out exactly where the noise was coming from.  He was unable to pinpoint the source of the noise and decided to just call a local mobile RV company to come out to take a look...they will be here tomorrow at noon.

The next thing on his “to-do” list was the storage drawer under the couch...it has completely fallen apart.  Hindsight is wonderful...I guess we shouldn’t have stored all of our magazines and travel brochures that we have collected in there.   Just a little too heavy especially when travelling the bumpy highways.  He took a good look at it and decided it would have to wait for another day when he had the truck back and he could go and buy supplies needed to fix it.  Dennis offered his jeep but Steve had other things to work on...the couch can wait.

Steve spent the rest of the morning working on the windows...he trimmed the old sealant that had swollen, from the window frames  and was cracking...after 3 windows, he decided that was enough for today.

Dennis and Suzanne had gone to the car wash to wash the jeep after yesterday’s drive on the dusty gravel road.  After stopping to pick up a few groceries, they were back home...Dennis finished up the jeep while Suzanne put away the groceries.

After they had finished, we all jumped on our bikes for a ride around the park...we were also going to stop at the mini-golf course for a game.  On our ride, we came across this park-model with a very interesting yard...

We had a fun time playing the 19 hole min-golf course...it was pretty darn hot out there as well!

Once back, we sat outside in the shade with a cold drink and snack...until it was time for Dennis and Suzanne to take Dunkin out for a walk.  The clouds were returning and the wind had also come up a bit so it had cooled off quite a bit.

After dinner, Steve and I went over to Dennis and Suzanne’s for an after dinner drink...sipping on a shot (or 2) of Almond Tequila.....yum.  We said goodnight at 8:00 and returned home to watch our TV shows.

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