Friday, February 10, 2012 (Val Vista Village RV Resort, Mesa, AZ)

We had a pretty lazy day today...we have lots to do before we head out on Monday but decided that that kind of work can wait for tomorrow and Sunday.  I want to give the trailer a good cleaning (while I have full hook-ups and can use all the water I want)...and also want to get the laundry all done up as well as stock up with groceries before we leave.  Steve needs to fix the drawer under the he’ll have to pick up some stuff at Home Depot.

But...why do today what you can leave until tomorrow??!!  So we just puttered  around this morning...Steve decided to flush the black water holding tank—he flushed it...filled it up...flushed more...and still couldn’t get the gauges to read empty...sheesh!

Suzanne, Dennis, Steve and I were sitting in a shady spot on our patio chatting when Dunkin suddenly saw the picture of the grizzly bear on the back of the truck and started growling at it...too funny!  He had to check it out...

Just before 2:00, we rode our bikes over to the main clubhouse where a band was going to be playing at 3:00.  We heard that the band playing yesterday were pretty good and the one today was supposed to be good too, so we thought we had better get there early so we could get a table in the courtyard.  As it turned out, the band wasn’t that we politely stayed for a bit and then left.

That is "the band" in the background...

Couples were getting up to dance...

AND....this is my crazy Sister-in-Law!!!

Before happy hour, we decided to go for a bike ride around the park...a little exercise before more sitting!  Once back, our new next door neighbour came over for a chat...Con(rad) and his wife, arrived in their motorhome while we were at the courtyard.  They are from Spokane, Washington.

We enjoyed cocktails and snacks on our patio and then decided to call it a was just before 6:00...time for dinner and then a relaxing evening in front of the TV.

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