Saturday, February 25, 2012 (Catalina State Park, Tucson, AZ)

We had our usual start to another beautiful day...temperatures today were expected to hit close to 80F/26C it!  It’s hard to believe that we have to be back in Canada in 4 weeks from about time going fast! 

We were originally going to be back on April 13 but the website we follow, RV-Dreamers, anounced a rally...the first one out west.  It's scheduled for mid-September in Oregon and we really want to attend.  We met Howard and Linda Payne along with a number of other RV-Dreamers last year when we were at the Tampa RV Show in Florida.  All of their rallies have been back east and we have never been able to attend, but now they are finally coming out west.  So if we cut our trip short by a couple of weeks and spend 3 weeks instead of 2 home at Christmas, we'll be within our 180 days (out of Canada) allowed per calendar year.

After exercises, breakfast and showers, Steve headed outside to fix the bike rack while I sat at the table with the laptop working on yesterday’s blog.  Steve didn’t appear to have any trouble removing the old part and installing the new arm.  Now, if he could just figure out a way to prevent the whole thing from bouncing around so much. It’s doable with bungee cords but when we put the cover on there is nowhere to attach them.

After lunch I took the truck and headed down to Fry’s and Target to do some shopping.  Being by myself, I was able to just take my time...which I really enjoyed...but couldn’t believe it when 3 hours had gone by!  While I was gone, Steve sat outside and did some reading and also sent a couple of emails.  Steve took a picture as I arrived back home...

We only have one more day here...where did that 2 weeks go??!  Tomorrow we’re going to do the laundry first thing and then get out for another hike.

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