Thursday, February 2, 2012 (Val Vista Village RV Resort, Mesa, AZ)

We had a pretty laid-back today....after our usual coffee start; we did our exercises, showered, had breakfast...and were ready for the day!  It was another sunny day, but a little cooler than it has been and there was some wind as well which really cooled things down.

Steve and I went for a short walk around the resort...his knee is feeling better but he didn’t want to overdo it.  When we got back, Suzanne suggested we go for a drive south along Val Vista to Gilbert where they had found a beautiful area of luxury homes on a lake.  The area is called Val Vista Lakes and is very green and lush...and comes complete with a big Country Club.  Steve took some pictures...

We stopped at Target to see if we could find the California Duster that we have been unable to’s an excellent tool used down here in the desert to clean the dust off your RV.  But we have been unable to find one...they seem to be very popular...and we had no luck at this Target store either.

After our stop at Target, Dennis took us on a nice tour of the area...through Gilbert into Chandler and back around up to Mesa...arriving back home just after 1:00.  We had lunch and then I left Steve surfing the web researching our next camping area and joined Suzanne and Dennis.  They were walking over to Albertsons to pick up a couple of things.

We were out relaxing in the sunshine (we do that a our various activities) when we decided to all go on a bike ride around the RV resort...we thought we should get a little exercise (well, Steve thought we should get a little exercise!)

We were having our happy hour sitting out of the wind on Dennis and Suzanne’s patio when a 5th wheel pulled up in front of our site...we were getting new neighbours.  The fellow backing into the site was probably glad we weren’t sitting out on our patio watching as he tried...and tried to manoeuvre his rig.  He had quite a hard time and finally had a number of people out directing him.  After finally getting set up, we found out that they are from Montreal, Quebec...but that was about all Steve found out as the fellow was still working at connecting all his hook-ups.

Dinner was at our place tonight...I made pasta with garlic prawns on the side and Dennis barbequed a very delicious pork tenderloin.  Totally stuffed, we relaxed in our “living room” for a bit and Suzanne and Dennis spoke to some of their grandkids via Skype and FaceTime, while Steve tried calling his sister, Nadine, to wish her a Happy Birthday....but had no answer after trying a couple of times...they must be out celebrating...Happy Birthday, Nadine...hope you had a great day!

After the conversations, we returned to the table for a game of Sequence...a new game for us requiring much more concentration...but very fun!  Suzanne and I managed to win one game out of the five we had...hmmmm....not as good as our previous game night...must be her partner!

I think it was around 9pm when we called it a night.  Suzanne, Dennis and Dunkin headed home to relax for the rest of the evening and we settled in to watch the final episode of Homeland.  As usual, the season finale ended leaving you in anticipation of the next season...can hardly wait, we really enjoyed this new series.

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