Saturday, February 18, 2012 (Catalina State Park, Tucson, AZ)

We had beautiful clear blue sky today...such a welcome change!  The temperature had dipped to wonder the furnace had run a lot throughout the night...but it warmed up quickly as the sun got higher in the sky.

We pulled out of the overflow section at 11:30 and after a stop at the sani-dump...these flowering cactus were right beside the sani-dump...headed into campground B and site B60.  Checkout time was noon so hopefully our site would be empty and ready for was. 

Our new site was a long pull-through...with plenty of room between us and our neighbours.  That’s one thing we really like about State and Regional parks. 

As we arrived, a plane was flying first we thought it was just putting on a bit of a smoke show but we soon realized that he was spelling out something in the sky—“AZ-100” and then a happy face.  Must be a tribute to is 100 years old this month.

We got all set up, had lunch and while I baked some cookies, Steve was outside dusting the truck and trailer...the California Duster is one of the best purchases we have made!  It works great.

The rest of our afternoon was spent relaxing outside in the sunshine and then inside as the sun got lower in the sky and the wind picked up a cools off quickly.  And that was pretty much our day...

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  1. Been meaning to tell you we love the new paint job on the truck!! It really does make a statement;o))

    BIG RIG!!!