Friday, February 3, 2012 (Val Vista Village RV Resort, Mesa, AZ)

After a very lazy start to the day, we all piled into Dennis and Suzanne’s jeep and headed to the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet.   The Mesa Market Place Swap Meet is a “55 acres facility filled with 1600 booths under one covered breezeway”’s huge!

We wandered along the breezeway checking out the various booths...all sorts of interesting things...from jewellery to kitchen gadgets to seat covers and more!  Steve found the California Duster that he had been looking for and also picked up some new slip-on sandals (it’s amazing all the different styles of Crocs there are now!).  I selected a pair of turquoise earrings from one of the jewellery booths and found a grapefruit knife that I had been looking for (whoop-tee-do, eh?!)

After a couple of hours, we decided we had seen enough and returned to where the jeep was parked.  We were going to go to Costco now...nothing like lunch at Costco and a little more shopping!  Unfortunately, our contact lenses weren’t in we are going to have to return next week when they come in.

It was close to 3:30 by the time we got a very happy Dunkin who had spent the day sleeping in the motorhome.  Suzanne and Dennis took him for a walk and then joined us in the sunshine on our patio for a drink.  We hadn’t been out for our daily bike ride around the park, so after our drink, we got on our bikes for a leisurely ride.  Dunkin loves riding in the basket on Suzanne’s bike...he’s so cute!

On our way back, we passed the entrance to the park where a bunch of people all dressed in red were was the Val Vista Canada Day Dinner and I guess they parade from the entrance down to the main building.  They were all lined up behind their Provincial signs and even had a Mountie dressed in his Red Surge uniform...turns out it was Bob (now retired) who we met at Dave’s the other night.  The Canada Day Dinner we are attending tomorrow is the Fiesta Section’s function—tickets for tonight’s dinner had sold out quickly.  Later Dennis and Suzanne had found out about the dinner at the Fiesta Section and had purchased tickets for us all...I think ours is a bit “lower-keyed” than tonight’s event...which sounds fine by us. Thanks for these pictures, Suzanne!!

After our bike ride, we resumed position in our chairs outside.  Dave, our neighbour from across the street, joined us for a drink.  As the sun went down, it got quite chilly 6pm, we called it an evening and all headed to our respective homes.

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