Saturday, February 11, 2012 (Val Vista Village RV Resort, Mesa, AZ)

I’m afraid it wasn’t a very exciting day today...with only 2 days left before we leave, today was a work day.  We headed of just after 10:00...our first stop was to fuel up the truck at the Fry’s Station where we had collected up enough points from grocery purchases to receive $.20 off per gallon (max 35 gallons).  So that really helped a lot.

After that, I went into Fry’s to do my grocery shopping while Steve went to Home Depot to pick up the stuff he would need to fix the couch drawer.  I was actually finished and waiting for him when he came back...that doesn’t happen very often...usually he is waiting for me!

One final Walmart where we had hoped to pick up a new coffee maker but they didn’t have any in stock...can you believe that?!  Oh well, the one we have still works but it is leaking some water.  I guess we will have to try another store...but not today.  We had work to do and it was already close to 1:00 so we headed straight home.

The rest of the afternoon went by quickly as Steve worked on the drawer and I cleaned the bathroom (sounds like fun, eh?).  By 3:30, we both had had enough work...the bathroom was spic’n span but Steve still had to install the new tracks for the drawer.  He knew that was going to involve a lot more work as 2 out of the 3 mounting holes on each track didn’t line up and would require new ones to be drilled so decided it could wait until tomorrow morning.

We sat outside in the shade chatting with Dennis and Suzanne until it was time to head inside and get dinner going.  After dinner, Suzanne and Dennis came over with their laptop to show us some pictures.  Suzanne went to Honduras a few years back with a group of doctors on a medical mission...very interesting and quite an experience for her. 

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