Thursday, February 9, 2012 (Val Vista Village RV Resort, Mesa, AZ)

It was another gorgeous sunny day here in the blue sky and warmth!  We had some errands to run today, so Steve and I headed out around 11:00.

Our first endeavour was to find a place that refilled propane tanks.  Steve had researched spots in Mesa on the internet and came up with one further east down Main Street.  After programming the wrong address into I can’t tell the difference between a “7” and a “2”...which sent us off in the wrong direction, I realized my mistake and we soon were headed east.  Stopped at a red light, Steve suggested that we watch for spots that advertised selling propane in case there was one along the way...well, wouldn’t you know it, I looked up and kitty-corner from us was a sign...perfect...our first errand was completed easier than we thought it would.

Our next stop was at Costco.  Our contact lenses were in, so we picked them up and a few other things.  Of course, you can’t go to Costco without having lunch...well...we have recently discovered that you can’t go to Costco without having lunch!  Steve loves the, instead of a hot dog, I opted for the fat-free frozen yogurt.  Hopefully, I saved a few calories least I figured there would be a lot less fat content!

Next it was to the Verizon Wireless Store...after much research, we have confirmed what so many others have told us...they have the best coverage in the US.  With purchasing the iPad2, we had learned of mobile hotspots where you can connect up to 5!  The Rogers Rocket Stick we have been using really isn’t cost effective down here and the coverage area is pretty we wanted to look into the “MiFi” device that Verizon offered.  We initially thought that buying the device outright and then using it on a “pay as you go plan” would be the way to go, however the device itself is fairly expensive at $269.99.  However, with a 2 year contact, it costs $20 and you pay $50/month for 5GB...and...the selling feature for us is that we can suspend the service for 6 months/year at a cost of $5/month.  We initially didn’t want a contract because we would not be using it for 6 months of the year when we are back in Canada but being able to suspend service (at a reasonable cost) works for us.  So we now have a “Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE mobile Hotspot” and we will be able to use the iPad and the laptop at the same time.

Once we got back home, I thought I walk across the street to Albertsons and pick up a few things I needed for dinner tonight...Suzanne and Dennis were coming over.  While there, a surprised Suzanne found me in one of the isles...they had been to Walmart and had stopped on their way home for some wine that they couldn’t find at Walmart.  I ended up getting a ride home with my groceries...bonus!

We had a delicious dinner...I made lasagne, Caesar salad and focaccia bread and Dennis and Suzanne brought barbecued ribs and fresh asparagus good!!  After dinner we brought out the marble board and played 3 games...Suzanne and I won the first; Dennis and Steve the of course we had to have a tie breaker...Suzanne and I won the third! 
(Steve took this sunset picture a couple of nights ago...beautiful...)

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